Thoroughbred 2019 Race Day Information

Important Race Information


Race Numbers/Purchased TShirts / Medals/ Post Race Food Token

Race numbers will be posted out to all of the registered participants address as provided at registration, if you do not receive this by Thursday post please email and we will arrange to cancel your original number and have a replacement for you. If you registered with an international address your number will be available for collection at Race HQ from 7.30am on Sunday 16th address below. Race numbers will specify finishers TShirt size purchased and this can be collected along with your medal and hot food token after the race at the designated collection points close to the finish line. ( The food token is redeemable at the variety of outlets in the “Runners Picnic” area in the square Kildare Town)  


There will be a race queries desk in Race HQ located at R51FD70 this is the office opposite St. Brigids Primary School on the Grey Abbey Road, Known locally as the old heffernans builders providers, this was race headquarters last year also.

There will be a Trailier located in the square with DJ Eoin Fagan who will be providing music along with regular updates as to the start time and location of your race.

The timing of the Thoroughbred Run is bound by certain constraints such as access to the national stud and directions by an Garda Siochana etc, as a result we are operating to tight deadlines so please help us by being at the start line for your race in plenty of time, at least 10 minutes before your race is due to commence.


 Race Starts and Locations

Marathon – Starts at 8.30am at Boys National School, Bride Street (beside Credit Union) R51 KF44

**This Start is for Full Marathon runners only, no half marathon runners can start at this time**

Half Marathon – Starts at 10.30am at Fitzpatricks Hyundai Dealership, Dublin Road,            R51 Y165 – Start point at Blue Flag

10K  - Starts at 11.00am at North Glebe Housing Estate Dunmurray Road,

5K – Starts at 11.00am at Educate Together National School, Melitta Road R51 RX38- Start Point White Flag

If you are unsure of where your race is starting please go to race HQ and view our map of the area and get advice on where to go well in advance of race starts.

Anyone found to be running in a different event or under a different name or gender other than specified at registration will be disqualified without exception. The Marshalls on the course have been told to deny access to any runner into the gate of the Irish national stud if they are not wearing a bib/race number this is for insurance purposes.

Baggage Drop

There will be an unsecured area to leave Baggage at Race HQ R51FD70, Please do not leave valuables in the baggage area, it is really only intended for items of clothing etc.

Baggage drop will open at 0730hrs.


The town will be extremely busy on race day as we are expecting 1500 runners and their families. Please park sensibly and follow any instructions given to you by our marshals. We would request that you do NOT park in the following places as clamping will be in operation; around the parish church or its car park, around The Carmelite Church or its Car Park,  Kildare Village, Tesco.

There are a number of Car Parks available on the day all within extremely close proximity to start and finish

Public Car Parks -

Underground Carpark at the Library/Post office - access on Claregate St. Suitable for Marathon, Half Marathon

The rear of Cunningham’s Pub  - accessed by turning left at the traffic lights at Boland’s Pub, the entrance to the car park is on the left before the parish church) Suitable for Marathon, Half Marathon

The Carpark to the rear of Top Nolan’s can be accessed from Station Road; the entrance is adjacent to the Playground or opposite the TOP filling station. Suitable for Marathon, Half Marathon

Private Car Parks and locations-

The Boys National School (beside Credit Union) opposite Áras Bhríde, Suitable for Marathon,

Enterprise Centre – R51 V273 – Suitable for 5K

The Railway Station R51 X206 (No Fee for Race use) – Suitable for 5K & 10K

Kildare Chilling R51 WD85 – Suitable for Half Marathon

KWETB – Bothar Na gCorp – Suitable for 10K


There are a number of toilets & Urinals also a Disabled Toilet available in the top carpark behind Top Nolans pub and beside the playground R51YR23

There will also be a toilet located on the route at Tully Road before the motorway bridge coming back in to the town.

We do not have permission to use any other toilets in other private premises located in the town and the organisers do not endorse this practise.


The 5k race has no planned water station on route water will be at the finish, in the event that temperature are excessive contingencies have been put in place to provide water at the 2K mark.

The 10k race has 1 water station on route.

The Half marathon has 3 water stations on route.

The water will be provided in bottles and there will of course be water for ALL participants at the finish.

Please be considerate of the environment by disposing of your used water bottles in or as close to the bins provided after the water stations. Ideally, we would appreciate if you could drop the bottle within 15-20 meters of the water station! Or at any of the mile/Km signpost markers.  We would ask that no one disposes of water bottles in people’s gardens.

The Race itself

All four races will have a lead car provided courtesy of TP Waters. The entire event is being run on open roads with the exception of the part of the course that passes through the Irish National Stud.

All races will be run on the left hand side of the road in the same direction as the normal flow of traffic. We recommend that you do not use headphones for your own safety.

If you have entered children in the event and might I add children are very welcome but please note that they must be accompanied by you or a responsible adult for the entire race.

The Half Marathon course passes over two cattle grids; the first of these is at the 1.5k mark. Please do not attempt to run over the cattle grid, we will have the gate to the left hand side opened and it is wide enough to take the expected volume of runners with ease.

The second cattle grid is at about 16k, the gate for this cattle grid again is sufficient to handle the expected volume but it is on the right hand side of the grid. You will have to cross to the right hand side of the road to use this gate; you will be directed by our marshals. As soon as you have passed this cattle grid you will again merge with the 10k race. Both grids will be well marshalled so please follow the marshal’s instructions in particular at the cattle grids and DO NOT attempt to run across them please.

Both the 10k and the half Marathon course merge at about mile .5 miles on the 10k route and mile 4.5 on the half marathon run, they run together for about 2 miles. At the 2.5 mile mark for the 10k race or the 6.5 mile mark for the half marathon the two courses separate again. At the 16k mark the half marathon runners will again merge with the 10k runners, the two races will continue to the entrance of the National Stud where you will all merge with the 5k runners. All three races will continue from that point to the finish.

The Marathon route is 2 loops of the half marathon route

So what do you really need to watch for?

!This is the big one!  After you pass the main visitors entrance for the Irish National Stud on the left hand side you will very soon come to a water station, after this water station the 10k runners will stay left and the Marathon and half marathon runners will stay right! It’s really that simple.

This part of the course will be particularly well marshalled and you will be well warned in advance.


Colour Codes

Mile/KM markers on the course on the day will be colour coded as follows.

RED - Marathon

BLUE – Half Marathon

Orange – 10k

White – 5k.

The Finish

The race finishes on the National Stud side of the Parish Church, before the housing estate Cunaberry Hill, and we ask that the finishers keep moving forward from the finish line where you will be provided with water/ bananas

Your finishers medal and Food token for a selection of Hot food (available in the Square) and pre purchased Tshirt as noted on your bib no will be available for collection close to the finish line.


All winners will be presented with their prize/trophy soon after they cross the finish line


We encourage you to bring the family along and make Father’s Day a family fun filled day

Come by the “Runner’s Picnic” Area where local food producers and restaurants will be serving an array of gourmet food, why not eat al fresco on our picnic tables where everyone can be catered for.

Worth mentioning if you are a walker or a runner please do not bring your dog! For obvious reasons Dogs are not allowed access to the Stud.


The organisers would like to thank you for choosing our race; we do hope you find it enjoyable and that we live up to your expectations before during and after the race.

Long may you run,  Congratulations.